Last week we took a trip to the Algarve for a cousin’s wedding. It was our first trip abroad for a wedding, and hopefully won’t be our last.

The weather was beautiful, the beer was cheap and I got to take some photos of palm trees, which I don’t often get to do in Norwich.

In photography terms, it was a bit of a strange week – the harsh sun and having to pack as lightly as possible meant that I spent most of the week feeling like I’d lost my mojo.  Fortunately, I was out of this slump by the time I took some photos at the wedding, but it’s scary how uninspired you can feel on some weeks.

I’m struggling a little bit with my Sony A7ii, and it feels like the only way I can get super sharp shots is by using shutter speed priority mode. I’m normally one for sticking it in aperture priority and shooting away, but I’m finding unless I control the shutter speed, I end up with blurry mush.

The video capability, on the other hand, has been a pleasant surprise. I’ve had to shoot a few short videos for work recently and it’s so easy to get high-quality footage from this camera.

I think the next few months with the A7ii could go either way – I’m enjoying having a full frame mirrorless sensor and being able to shoot nice video at last is a welcome novelty, but unless I can find a way of shooting it that suits me more then I might have to go back to Fuji (and take the financial hit that the switch entails).

Anyway, enough thinking out loud about gear, here are a few of the photos I got last week. All taken with a Sony A7ii and a Canon 40mm 2.8 lens.

10th May 2018

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