Before we went to Japan on our honeymoon I had the romantic notion that it would be nice to shoot some Japanese film on a Japanese camera in Japan. I was correct.

I’ve written in other posts about getting back into shooting film. It’s something I’m torn on, honestly.

On one hand, I really like some of the results I see other people getting and I like how aware it’s made me of my camera settings. On digital, you don’t have to pay too close attention to your settings, because if you get them wrong you can see it straight away and shoot another frame or two. With film, you don’t have that luxury.

On the other hand, shooting film gets expensive pretty fast and it’s hard. I’m currently in the beginner phase of shooting 35mm film where I like some of my photos but I’m not blown away by anything I’ve shot yet. I’m getting okay results, but nothing I would put in a portfolio.

But, I’m not someone who shies away from something because it’s difficult – I’m stubborn enough to achieve most things I set my mind on – so I’m persevering. I’ve just bought a selection of higher quality film to see whether spending more on rolls yields better results. I’m also trying some black and white films to see what I can do with those. More on that in future blog posts, I’m sure.

Anyway, I’m aware I lured you in with the promise of film shots from Japan, so let’s get back on topic.

I shot a couple of different film cameras in Japan – an Olympus Trip 35 and an Olympus OM-2N that I picked up while we were out there. My intention was always to buy some film while we were out there, so I only packed two rolls of Fujicolor C200. I managed to track down some very reasonably priced Fuji Industrial 400 in a shop in Osaka, so that’s what I shot for the duration of the trip.

Here are some of the images I managed. It’s a mix of Trip and OM-2N images, across a mix of locations:

14th August 2018

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