Budapest is one of the largest cities in the European Union with enough to see to fill five weekends. We tried to do it all in one…

The first thing you notice when travelling through Budapest is the metro trains. Some are new, some are…less new. There’s a lovely mix across the city of modern technology mixing with Soviet engineering, and this is most striking on the metro network.

We were in Budapest to celebrate a friend’s birthday so chose not to pay for any checked luggage to keep the price down. This meant I had to travel light.

I ummed and ahhed a fair bit about which of my two digital cameras to take, and eventually plumped for the Fuji XT10 with 27mm f2.8 pancake lens. My rationale being: this would allow me to pack enough clothes for cold weather and practice my street shooting with a (nearly) 35mm lens.

As it turned out, it was clear and bright all weekend, so I had no need to worry about layering up. Still, it was nice to be able to pack a few pairs of warm socks just in case.

One of the things that Budapest has become famous for is its ruin bars. Built in abandoned buildings in the Jewish quarter, these bars are a quirky way to drink your way around Budapest.

We spent some time in the original and biggest ruin bar, Szimpla Kert. A big mish-mash of furniture, lights, tucked away seating areas and a huge courtyard with a projector playing trippy videos, basically. Highly recommended.

We timed our visit to the more traditional side of the city (Buda) really well, hitting Matthias church just before the sun started setting. Turns out it’s much more convenient to get golden hour shots when you’re not at work and the sun sets at 4:30.

Once the sun had set we got the funicular railway back down the hill because the steps had killed our calf muscles on the way up and it gave me a chance to get some shots of the city at night.

One of the first buildings I gravitate towards in any new city is the church. You’re pretty much guaranteed great photos, whatever state it’s in, and you can usually get in with just a small donation.

Until next time, Hungary. Thanks for reading!

10th November 2017

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