I’m running a new series on my blog where I review films as I shoot them. First up – Fuji’s Fujicolor C200. This isn’t a technical teardown, just my opinion based on my experiences, so it’ll be pretty subjective but hopefully not completely useless.

There can’t be a film shooter out there that hasn’t shot a roll of Fujicolor C200, surely? It’s a budget standard, a stocking filler, your everyday do everything film.

While the British weather means that I’d rather shoot a roll of 400-speed film, the price of Fujicolor C200 makes it almost irresistible. At about £3.50 a roll if you shop around, it’s the cheapest 35mm film you can easily find in the UK, so I initially had fairly low expectations.

Now for some words I’ll seldom say in front of my wife: I’m happy to admit that I was wrong. Colour rendition is pretty good, there’s a nice amount of grain and I got some good contrasty results out of Fujicolor C200. Greens look particularly nice, and there’s nothing oversaturated or cartoon-like about the results. It does seem to lose a little detail in the shadows, but I’m not too bothered about that – I like my blacks pretty black.

Here are some of the photos from a test roll I shot on my Canon 650 with a mix of prime lenses. I think some of the contrast might come from the camera, but I couldn’t say for sure how much.

In conclusion, I’d recommend picking up a roll or two of Fujicolor C200*. It’s cheap, it gives fairly nice results and it’s easy to find, at least at the moment. There’s every chance that with the way Fuji’s approach to film is going that it might not be long for this world, so shoot it while you’ve got the chance.

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6th December 2018

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