Okay, I’m cheating a bit but stay with me.

As a child in the 90s, film was the only option, so I shot as much as my mum would buy me and develop as much as my pocket money would stretch to. I remember running around my aunt’s garden taking shots of anything that I found interesting with a cheap point & shoot.

Then digital came along and I tried my fair share of digital point & shoots, but I could never replicate the results I got with film. I lost interest.

It wasn’t until my early 20s that I started to get interested again – I had a job now and a couple of colleagues who were photographers – when I bought an old Nikon DSLR and a kit lens.

Fast forward 7 or 8 years, and 4 or 5 cameras, and I started to get the film itch again. Instagram filters, shooting adapted vintage lenses and great blogs like 35MMC made me wonder what I was missing out on.

I went car boot shopping, picked up a couple of film bodies and shot 2 test rolls. Here’s a compilation of the results. All photos below taken on either the Canon AV1 with 50mm lens or the Olympus Trip 35 with Fuji C200 film.


23rd December 2017

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