This holiday to Spain’s sun-drenched South coast consisted mostly of eating flaming chorizo, drinking cerveza and practising my GCSE Spanish.

Nerja is a former fishing village turned holiday destination that manages to avoid being too much of a Costa Del Cliche. I didn’t see a single straw donkey while we there.

We flew into Malaga airport and got a white-knuckle cab up to El Capistrano Villages Рan all-white apartment complex built into the side of a hill Рwhere we spent the week.

I took my DSLR with me, but in truth, I spent most of the week lying down or sat at a tapas bar. Here are a few of the shots I did take.

All shots were taken with a Canon 5D mark II and 40mm f2.8.

I’ve sold this lens now because I couldn’t justify owning the 50mm, 35mm, and the 40mm. I’ve always found 50mm a bit tight as a focal length, so I still miss my 40mm pancake sometimes. But it was a bit surplus to requirements after I bought the 35mm and it helped me fund some other gear, so it had to go.

28th October 2017

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